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Bohemia crystal
is a trademark and brand
Czech crystal
All in the world it is perceived as a guarantee of quality and master craftwork.
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Chandeliers & Lamps, Silver Jewels Swarovski, Unique Crystal Figures, Bohemia Crystal


Introducing our collections of unique crystal chandeliers - perfect as lights for foyers, large open spaces or as focal points of a room.

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Wall Lights

Discover our selection of wall sconces. From the traditional crystal arm wall lights to modern style and everything in-between.

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Table & Floor Lamps

Discover our selection of luxury Bohemian crystal and glass lamps. Exclusively hand-made in the Czech Republic using the highest quality materials.

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Silver Jewels Swarovski

Find our exclusive selection of jewellery made of genuine Swarovski crystals in combination with 925/1000 silver. Quality, glamor and design of these jewels ensure your irresistibility.

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Unique Crystal Figures

This unique Crystal sculptures are made from borosilicate glass and drawn glass technique. Each figure is made by hand, so that each piece is unique and is not created by any form or castings. There are no two pieces the same in the world.

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Bohemia Crystal

Bohemia Crystal is a trademark and brand of Czech crystal. In the Czech Republic and the world, it is perceived as a guarantee of quality and master craftwork. We offer productions with both classic and modern patterns and such with our own design.

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About Us | Online Shop

Our company is with more than 25 years of experience in the crystal glass trade. We offer a wide selection of Bohemia Crystal lead glass in traditional and modern decors.

Our offer is very wide and you will find products made exclusively in the Czech Republic. We also deal with customer projects and custom manufacturing.

The tradition and quality of Czech glassmaking belong to our cultural heritage.

Our priority is high product quality and high quality customer service. We take great care to ensure that our customers receive not only quality goods, but also sufficient and fast information and the best Service.

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Bohemia Crystal brand

A trademarked Bohemia Crystal products are manufactured exclusively in the Czech Republic, where the finest crystal in the world is made. So this manufacturer are recognised worldwide as leaders in the production of high quality crystal and glassware. Production of crystal in the Czech Republic has a very long tradition and stands today as the best in the world. The first industrial production of glass by glass factories in the Bohemia region dates back to the turn of the 13th and 14 century, when the first glass factories were formed.
Founded in 1856, the professional glass schools in Kamenický Šenov and Novy Bor added a Czech Glass School in Zelezny Brod in 1920 and were responsible for the emergence of other major art centers of development and production of decorative and utility glass in Bohemia. In the 20th century, the industry largely expanded automated production of tableware with the help of the third millennium reminiscent technology, but traditional hand-made production remained. The tradition and quality of Czech glassmaking belong to our cultural heritage.
Nowadays, the production of Bohemia Crystal is world famous - a name, a guarantee of high quality, a wide range of products and decorations, and for several years now an ecological production. Today, factories produce only ecological glass, which they call crystallite or crystalline. This is a material produced by a special process, without lead content. In many of its parameters - purity of the material, gloss, it is equivalent to 24% lead crystal, and in some respects even surpasses it.

Our company is based in the Czech Republic and we are with more than 25 years of experience in the crystal glass trade. For all these years we have built strong cooperation with leading Czech companies in the production of crystal products with the brand Bohemia Crystal.

In our online shop you will find a wide selection of products with the brand Bohemia Crystal as crystal, glassware, crystal glass sets and collections, chandeliers and lamps, silver sets of jewels Swarowski, and last but not least unique glass figure from traditional crystal masters.

Welcome in the beautiful world of Bohemia Crystal glass!


What is Bohemian glass?
Bohemian glass, also called Bohemia Crystal, is glass that is produced in the Silesia and Bohemia regions which are nowadays parts of the Czech republic.

What products does offer? offers a wide range of chandeliers, lamps, decorative products for home, crystal glasses and vases, Swarovski jewels and unique crystal figures.

How to care for Bohemia Crystal products?
Bohemia crystal glass can be washed by hand with lukewarm water. Do not use aggressive cleaning products and never wash in the dishwasher.
To stay beautiful forever, it needs your personal care.

How to know if Bohemia Crystal products are authentic?
Always check colors. Bohemian glass is available in pink, amber, cobalt blue , red and forest green. Check the cuts that are made in the glass. Additionally, besides color, Bohemia crystal products contain lead crystal which provides light refraction and sparkle. Crystal products are heavier than glass products.

Are Bohemia Crystal products hand-cut?
Most of the the Bohemia crystal products are hand cut and handmade which makes them unique and very valuable.


Really great! The glass figures are unique. I had never seen anything like it. I made an inquiry in the online store and they immediately sent me more photos. I will buy as soon as possible.

Karla - Stockholm

I often visit this wonderful place and admire the spectacular beauties.

Erika Evans - New York

Authentic Bohemia Crystal products manufactured exclusively in the Czech Republic, where the finest crystal in the world is made.

The products are manufactured from traditional cut Czech lead crystal absolutely safe for daily use.

Bohemia Crystal